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Jimmy: your go-to engine man!


Sep 10, 2013 Testimonials Comments are off

Mike Stewart, Founder & Flight Lead

As pilots, engines are at the heart of our safety. As a single engine formation aerobatic pilot, and the Flight Lead for Team AeroDynamix, it’s the lifeblood of our teams program. As an builder and pilot, I don’t let  just anyone touch my plane. In fact no one. But when it comes to engines, well, I just don’t have the expertise. I need to trust my engine with my life. I need to trust anyone that touches my engine with my life too. Jimmy Brod is that person. He is the cardiac surgeon you want working on you in the operating room. When your life depends on it, you deserve the very best.

The first time I met Jimmy, I was taken with his demeanor. He has a way about him that puts you immediately at ease. A warm hearted, caring man. In just a few minutes of talking with him it was clear to me, this is the type of person I want working on my engine. There are a lot of people that have decades of aircraft engine experience. But there are not a lot of people that I trust with my life. Jimmy is one of those men. Thoughtful, conscientious , hardworking, and knowledgeable… are just a few of his traits. A walk around his shop, talking with his employees, you quickly realize that this is a family business, one that takes great pride and care in each and every engine. If you thinking about an engine, or getting some engine work done, give Jimmy a call. One conversation and he will quickly become a friend, and your go-to engine man.

Mike Stewart, Founder & Flight Lead
Team AeroDynamix