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Aircraft Overhaul Process

Aircraft Engine Overhaul Process.

new-shopWhen your aircraft arrives at J.B. Aircraft Engines in Sebring, Florida the aircraft is put in a hangar and remains in a hangar the entire time the aircraft is in repair. In the event that your aircraft can not be ferried to our facility for free removal and installation, shipping can be arranged from any location in the world.

The engine is carefully disassembled, cleaned and each part is documented to be correct for your engine model. The engine is then inspected by using a variety of technologies and each inspection process is documented. Your engine is assembled and balanced by our experienced craftsmen using FAA approved techniques and built as a minimum to exceed factory new tolerances. The engine is then painted with a highly durable, anticorrosive protective finish. All engine accessories are procured from the finest overhaul and manufacturing facilities available.

After engine assembly is complete we install the engine in your aircraft or on our portable test cell and run it through its full RPM cycle while performing a comprehensive series of diagnostic tests to ensure that your engine is running flawlessly prior to returning your engine to service. In the event that we ship your engine to your location we remain on call to provide you with any necessary technical service you or your mechanic may require getting your aircraft back into service.

It is our responsibility to provide you with the safest, most reliable Lycoming or Continental engine available. We gladly accept this responsibility and stand behind every engine that leaves our shop with a complete warranty of one year/240 hours prorated to the manufactures published recommended times between overhaul. (TBO)

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