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Continental aircraft engine overhaul

JBA: The Complete Under the Cowling Service Center

Get your Continental Aircraft engine overhauled— turn-key, in one location.
Customers that fly-in to Sebring, FL SEF will get a deep discount on engine removal and installation with an engine overhaul.

Some complex engine installs are exempt ask Jimmy or Jim for details:
863-655-5000 Shop 863-381-1530 cell email:

Continental TCM Aircraft Engine Overhaul Price Guide for 2020

O-200                            $19,000.00       New Cylinders
O-300 Series                 $24,000.00       New Cylinders
IO-360 Series                $30,000.00       New Cylinders
L/TSIO Series                $36,500.00       New Cylinders
O-470 Series                 $29,500.00       New Cylinders
IO-470 Series                $35,500.00       New Cylinders
IO-520 Series                $35,000.00       New Cylinders
IO-550 Series                $37,000.00       New Cylinders
IO-550-N                       $39,000.00       New Cylinders
TSIO-520 Series            Call For Quote
TSIO-550 Series            Call For Quote

Prop Strike                    Call For Quote 

New Cylinder Options are always a consideration! Please call Jimmy at 1-877-JBA-2FLY or 863-655-5000 shop or 863-381-1530 cell, to discuss what is best for you and your aircraft engine.

Prices include: Fuel System, Ignition System, New Spark Plugs, Ignition Harness, Gear Driven Alternator & Oil Cooler.  Pricing is conditional upon repairability of major aircraft engine components.

All Aircraft are housed in our Newly Refurbished 15,000 square foot hangar. Your Aircraft will NOT be sitting out in the Florida Weather while in our care.