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This is a testimonial thread about my experience with Jim and Jimmy Brod (Father and Son) at JB Engines of Sebring, Fl.

In March of 2007 I sold my recently completed RV8, and replaced it with 2 RV8 QB’s that Van had in stock. In April 07 that new owner graciously allowed me to fly it to SUN n Fun along with the rest of the Cincinnati group.
The new 8 hummed along nicely with a recently overhauled engine from Bart at Aerosport Power, (great support, great people). In my back seat was Scott Hersha (RV6, newly completed RV8). Also on the trip was Terry McCann(RV7A, newly completed RV8). Scott, Terry and I were in need of 4 engines for our projects. We immediately spread out and began canvasing the tents and buildings looking for stuff for our projects. I stumbled into the JB Engines tent. There was an overhauled Lyc. O-360 A1A with all new parts(except for the case) for sale for 17,500. Jimmy Brod introduced himself and asked if I had any questions about the engine. I did and we had a long conversation about that particular engine, and others they could build for me if I wanted an ECI Titan engine (they are an authorized builder). I came away very impressed with Jimmy’s knowledge.

Back at the tent I told Scott and Terry about JB Engines, and later we all went back to see Jimmy. To make a long story short, we were all so impressed with the Brod family we purchased 4 engines from them ( 1 ohc Lyc. and 3 ECI Titans).

On Sat. Nov. 8th, Terry’s RV8 made it’s maiden voyage behind the fourth JB engine that was purchased 18 months ago. Terry’s Titan engine has a lightspeed and fuel injection, and 9 to 1 pistons.

Scott’s RV8 flew in Oct., his Titan has a lightspeed, carb and 9 to 1 pistons.

My RV8 flew in Aug., my Titan has dual mags, carb, and 9 to 1 pistons.

My 2nd RV8(sold in June) flew in April with the overhauled Lyc. It’s carbed with dual mags, and 8.5 to 1 pistons.

The engines are now all operating flawlessly. The support after the sale has been phenomenal.

I highly recommend JB Aircraft Engine Service, it is a family run business and they are very familiar with RV’s.

Jon Thocker
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