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My fantastic IO-360 was built for me by JB Aircraft


Feb 9, 2016 Kudos, News , Comments are off

Dear Mr. Hoyer,

     ThePilot2My name is Paul Schulten and I fly a Christen Eagle in airshows and competitions. I am proud to say it is powered by a fantastic IO-360 built for me by JB Aircraft.  I met Jimmy at Sun n Fun a while back, and it was immediately clear to me that Jimmy and JB aircraft are “the real deal”. 

I was aware of JB’s reputation from the many engines he has built for the aerobatic community.  After talking to Jimmy and spending time at his shop and with his employees, I knew I had found where my airshow engine was coming from! Doing ground level airshow aerobatics, as well as flying long distances to get to the shows, requires a lot of confidence in your airplane and powerplant. As a matter of fact I have a show in the Bahamas coming up, and I have no qualms committing to far away shows or flying over water with Jimmy’s motor up front.  Its clear that the good folks at JB have a passion for quality and take a lot of pride in their work – my engine is truly a mechanical “Mona Lisa” – I’m proud to display the JB Aircraft logo on my plane.

    Another important factor is support – Jimmy stands behind his work and is always quick to answer questions or do whatever it takes.  Jimmy built my engine on a handshake and Gentlemans agreement, and I have all the confidence in the world in him.  JB Aircraft has been around a long time and enjoy a great reputation. I can’t recommend JB Aircraft enough, I suppose flying my Eagle with my AWESOME JB Aircraft engine is enough testimony! Feel free to contact me if you like,  Paul